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Be Flexible

on September 17, 2012

As we begin our second week of school, I’m finding that things aren’t completely going as planned.  Not that things are going badly, it’s completely the opposite.  It’s really just little things…like I allotted four hours of school for my kids each day, and I’m lucky if they go for three.  Since we’re doing a new kind of school, it’s been very trial and error.  I’m finding all the little ins and outs of doing an online school, and that means adjustments are bound to be needed.
Now there was a time when all these little things would eat at me.  I would feel like a complete failure because I didn’t foresee every hurdle that was waiting ahead.  I would get extremely frustrated and stressed out because my kids get distracted and burnt out before the four hour mark.  To put it plainly, I would be a basket case!
One thing I have figured out over the last couple of years, the last year especially, is that nothing will work out exactly as you have planned and because of that you have to be flexible.
If I forced my kids to go for the complete four hours, not only would their scores be less than their best, we would be at each others throats.  I would be screaming my head off for them to get to work, and they would inevitably end everyday in tears.  I don’t know about you, but that is not what I want their school experience to be like.  Homeschool is about doing something different.  Creating a loving and encouraging learning environment.
So if there is something that you are finding difficult, maybe your kid hates math or won’t  stay focused when you want them to.  Remember, this is homeschool and you are in control.  Maybe you need to find a way to make math fun, or have math only once or twice a week rather than everyday.  If your kiddo is fidgety or easy distracted, maybe you need to find hands on projects for them to get them excited about learning.  Or even have surprise dance parties in the middle of the day to shake things up a bit.
Bottom line, you have taken on a huge responsibility, but it doesn’t mean you have to take it too seriously.  Be flexible and have fun!  You’re kids will learn better and enjoy learning so much more!
Thanks for reading.  Happy homeschooling!


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