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Happy New Year!

on December 31, 2012

The new year is a time to reflect on the past and plan toward the future.  It’s the time when recognizing your failures is a good thing.  So here are a few of mine that I plan to work on…

1. I yell far too much.  One kid is crying because he can’t find his toy, one is begging for snacks (because she didn’t eat her lunch), and the other is banging on the piano.  The next thing you know you are screaming like a tea kettle.  It’s not something I am proud of and is super counter-productive.  I plan to work on that this year.

2. We don’t do enough projects.  Kids learn so much just from getting in there and getting their hands dirty.  There are SO MANY benefits from hands on learning.  All it will take is better planning on my part.  And that leads me two number three.

3. I need to be better organized.  With our house and our time.  More planning, better time management, and letting the kids help out more will not only help me stay on top of things and free up more time for other things.  We will make this make this year.

4. I will do my level best to find a way to minimize the fighting between my kids.  Some may think this is wishful thinking, but the fighting is about to drive me bonkers!  Whether it be special, one on one time for each kid with either Mom or Dad, or providing them a special place for them to have some alone time, or even just getting them outside more…. something’s got to give.  We will do our best on this one.

Here are some goals the kids told me they wanted to work on.  🙂

Isaiah’s goals for the year.
– Eat more vegetables, work hard in school, to build his K’Nex roller coaster all by himself,  and explore the world.

Lily’s goals for the year.
– Stop watching television, but not video games.  🙂  Do more exercise.  “I want to do this, you know?  It’s New Years!”   <– Direct quote!  Ha ha ha!

Ezekiel’s goals for the year.
– “I want to make Spiderman.”  “I want to watch Avatar.”  Ha ha ha!

So here are our goals and resolutions.  Tell us what things you would like to work on in the coming year.
Happy New Year!!!!


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